a December 5th fright before St. Nicholas Day 

Krampus, the Scary Sidekick 

Meet Krampus, Santa's eerie enforcer for naughty kids.  

Alpine Chills 

Krampusnacht is an Alpine scarefest.  

Eerie Parades 

turns streets into creepy catwalks of Krampus costumes. 

Freaky Fashion 

Creepy costumes and masks make a chilling runway

Chain-Rattling Terror

Krampus roams with chains and bells 

Naughty Kid Lesson 

Krampus punishes the naughty 

Fear-Fun Mix 

merges joy with spine-tingling fear for unforgettable fun. 

Cultural Spookiness 

Alpine traditions give Christmas a culturally chilling twist 

Sinister Symphony 

Chains clink, bells jingle—a soundtrack for Krampus's chilling rounds.